Strangeways is the story of ex-soldier Seth Collins as he treks through the haunted frontier of a shadowy old west. Cowboys and werewolves. What more do you need to know?

Background and inspiration

Like most things, Strangeways didn’t just pop out of nowhere. Lotta ingredients went to fermenting before all this stuff drooled out of my brains. I wrote these background pieces up awhile ago, by way of explanation. Or at least as an excuse to blather about some of my favorite movies and music.

Background – part 1 “The Horror from the Mound” by Robert E. Howard and others.
Background – part 2 Valley of Gwangi and other weird westerns.
Background – part 3 More traditional westerns. And, uh, The Road Warrior.
Background – part 4 Early page beats, but major spoilers for Strangeways: The Thirsty.
Background – part 5 Script to page for page 1 of Strangeways: The Thirsty.

Tablelands – the Sound of the Strangeways – What would be playing on the Strangeways’ jukebox, had the Wurlitzer been yet invented. Americana, Australiana, Texiana, Neko Caseiana (that’s not really a word) and some Canadiana for good measure. Oh, and the Walkabouts. And Tom Waits. And the Pogues. Aw, just go read it already.

There’s still a part of me that’s disappointed that Collins and company haven’t yet faced down a ceratosaurus or maybe a pterodactyl. Maybe I’ll get around to writing that sometime.