Strangeways is the story of ex-soldier Seth Collins as he treks through the haunted frontier of a shadowy old west. Cowboys and werewolves. What more do you need to know?



Here’s a collection of the irregular “Strangeways Soundtracks” feature, where I offer up bands/tracks that have either directly inspired the atmosphere of the book or successfully evoke it on their own. As always, if you know of or are in a band that fits alongside all of this, feel free to drop me a line suggesting ‘em. I’m always glad to hear some more music in this vein. At the top of the list is the “original” handful of artists I was listening to in heavy rotation about the time of writing Murder Moon and The Thirsty.

No autotune please. Not unless it’s used interestingly. Oddly enough, I have no problem with artists who use modern technology to make their music sound like it was recorded in 1935. Well, mostly I don’t.


TABLELANDS – The sound of the Strangeways

This was the original soudtrack feature I wrote up when THE THIRSTY was running at Robot 6, only what seems like an eternity ago. You’ll get a good feel for the kind of thing that I’m listening to when I’m dreaming all this stuff up. Here’s the more recent additions.

03/25/11 – Okieson

03/31/11 – Rachel Brooke

04/05/11 – Tarantella

04/15/11 – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

04/21/11 – Bee and Flower

04/29/11 – Isobel and November

05/09/11 – Creech Holler

05/13/11 – Neko Case

08/19/11 – Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots

08/26/11 – Calexico