Strangeways is the story of ex-soldier Seth Collins as he treks through the haunted frontier of a shadowy old west. Cowboys and werewolves. What more do you need to know?

About the Author

Yes, I know how to photoshop stuff, too.

art by Matt Maxwell

Seems like I write one of these every few years or so, having misplaced the old one.

So, hello. Matt Maxwell, author of Strangeways here. Well, author, creator, letterer, editor, chief marketing executive (which is why only dozens have been sold) and public face of Strangeways.

In my time, I’ve been an animator, digital effects artist, teacher, thanatologist, office monkey for a college thinktank, page layout dude, internet wizard (as far back as when Gopher was THE BOMB), father of two borderline insane children, husband and relentless taskmaster for my dog, made pizzas, staffed an arcade, worked for National Archives and stuffed mail for a televangelist. I also write stuff, such as Strangeways, Blue Highway (to be revisited later this year, this time for sure), Ragnarok Summer (probably to be published digitally after the summer) as well as assorted short pieces (some of which I was even paid for, or am supposed to be, they keep promising.)

I’ve also written about comics since 2003 or so, first for the column “Full Bleed” hosted at Broken Frontier, then later resurrected for Comics Waiting Room (archives are at my site, I think, ebook coming later). Concurrent to that, started my own comics blog, which later transmogrified into Highway 62. I’ve had spells writing on and off for Dark, But Shining (the late, lamented horror/dark fantasy site which holds a special place in my heart.)

You can follow me on twitter – highway_62

You can even find me under my own name on Facebook, but I tend not to spend a lot of time there.

And here’s the main Highway 62 site which is more a clearinghouse for all the stuff I’m working on.


I’m throwing in some random interview links here so you can mock things I said in the past and regret now. Dig in.

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