Strangeways is the story of ex-soldier Seth Collins as he treks through the haunted frontier of a shadowy old west. Cowboys and werewolves. What more do you need to know?

Murder Moon

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Murder Moon is a thoughtful, intelligent story of brooding werewolves and tough-as-nails cowboys that never lets up on the pace; full of action, pathos and downright fun

– David Wellington, author of Monster Planet and 13 Bullets.


Is Maxwell bringing back the Western AND Suspense-Horror at the same time? Then I’m on board, riding shotgun. Strangeways, here I come!

– Jeff Parker, writer of The Incredible Hulk and Agents of Atlas.


1868.  Ex-Army officer Seth Collins is trying to forget the horrors of the Civil War when he finds himself  faced with another kind of horror altogether.  Something, not someone, is hunting the people of Silver Branch, including Collins’ estranged sister.  A strange and seemingly unkillable wolf prowls the wilderness, killing not simply for pleasure, but to utterly destroy Silver Branch.

But this is a town with its own secrets, ones that it won’t give up willingly.  Collins shortly  finds himself trapped between the obligations of family and friendship.  These duties lead him straight into darkness, where he has to find a way to defeat a creature that is neither man  nor beast, all the while threatened by the the very town he’s trying to save.

Gorgeously illustrated in stark black and white, Murder Moon is a trip to a dark West that never was.  In the wilderness of the Strangeways, black hats and badmen are the least of your worries.  Here, there’s fates worse than death and you just might find that your trusty revolver isn’t enough to get you out of trouble.

Murder Moon features artwork by Steve Lieber (Civil War: Frontline and Whiteout), Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theatre and B.P.R.D.), Fábio Moon (Smoke and Guns) and Gabriel Bá (Casanova).  Murder Moon is illustrated by newcomer Luis Guaragna and includes the short story “Lone” illustrated by Gervasio and Jok.

Murder Moon is the comics debut of Matt Maxwell (Highway 62).  He is a reformed animator and full-time father living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas with his wife and two children.

And no wolves in sight.  So far.

MURDER MOON is being serialized on this site, beginning in March, 2011. The collected series, which features a bonus story as well as an art gallery by Guy Davis, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, is available now at Amazon.com.

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