Strangeways is the story of ex-soldier Seth Collins as he treks through the haunted frontier of a shadowy old west. Cowboys and werewolves. What more do you need to know?

The Thirsty – Chapter Two and miscellaneous

Spent yesterday going to local retailers between dropping the kids off at school and then driving out to Elk Grove and Natomas and Downtown Sac. Ended up only able to hit three stores in the time I had (living in the hinterlands of El Dorado Hills means it’s a bit of a drive to anywhere). The upside was that all three places, Metropolis Comix, Comics and Collectibles and Big Brother Comics were all healthy stores with a wide variety of material on hand, not just Big Two and HELLBOY and WALKING DEAD.

Oh, and if you want to order your own copy of STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY, just use the handy code FEB121066 to get one from your retailer. And even if you don’t make this month’s orders, you should be fine, since the book will be in stock until…well…for awhile at least. That’s 200 pages of comics for 17.95, which is something like 36.00 worth of regular comics at $4 a pop.

Chapter 2 of THE THIRSTY will resume next week. The rest of this week will be extras and such. If you have a question, hit me up on the Twitter via @highway_62 and I’ll run ‘em here. All three of ‘em.

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